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OMG's Candy Close Up


When I’m having a rough day…

There are 2 things that I crave when I’m having a rough day.

1. Music (specifically, tracks 3, 4, 7, 9, 15 and 20 from the Essentially Naked album by Bif Naked)

2. Chocolate

Both of these things can make me feel better on any given day, but when I’m grumpy or upset they become must-have items. I’m not sure why, but music and chocolate are my favourites pick-me-ups. Maybe they release endorphins? I think I’ve heard that somewhere…

I recently came across a new chocolate confection at my grocery store and it has quickly become my new favourite treat.

OMG's Dark Chocolatey Graham Clusters

OMG’s are yummy and very addictive. I honestly could eat an entire bag in one sitting, which is probably terrible, but there you have it.

The company’s website describes OMG’s as “delicious milk and dark chocolatey graham clusters mixed with diced almonds and crunchy toffee bits.” While that combination might sound a bit weird, it’s actually fantastic. These yummy treats are sweet, crunchy, chocolatey, a tiny bit salty, and totally satisfying.

OMG's Candy Close Up

I had planned on taking photos of the milk chocolate version too, but they kept getting eaten before I had a chance to shoot them…

They come in 135g bags and are apparently available at Shoppers Drug MartLoblawsAtlantic SuperstoresRexallLondon Drugs and Zehrs. I bought mine from my local Real Canadian Superstore (a Loblaws grocery).

What do you do to make yourself feel better on a bad day? Let me know in the comments!

Fun Fact: The product was created by Chris Emery and Larry Finnson, who you might recognize as the creators of Clodhoppers. They were also on an episode of Dragon’s Den.


Tray of Cadbury Lil Scoops

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Happy Easter! – Cadbury Lil Scoops

Cadbury Lil Scoops Chocolate

I came across this Cadbury product the other day and thought it would be fun to share this here on my blog. The packaging is adorable!

Cadbury Egg Tray
Tray of Cadbury Lil Scoops

Lil Scoops

After you “peel” the foil off, you’re suppose to “crack” open the egg and “spoon” out the chocolate mousse.

Cadbury Lil Scoops

The chocolate itself is up to the Cadbury standard but the mousse on the inside was not-so-great. It’s still cute though…

Nestle Scaries

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Nestle Special Edition Halloween Themed Treats

Nestle Special Edition Halloween Chocolates 2012

Nestle has given a few of their most popular treats a spooky new look. These special edition wrappers are too cute to pass up! I purchased mine from my local 7-Eleven, and I’ve heard that they are available at Shoppers Drug Mart too. Look for a special stand-up display; usually near the entrance of the store.

The chocolates themselves are exactly the same as the originals. If you can’t get your hands on these, try making your own festive wrapper. This craft was featured in Woman’s Day magazine and I saw it on Pinterest too:

Coffin Crisp: Nestle Special Edition Coffee Crisp Bar 2012


Nestle Scaries


scAero: Nestle Special Edition Aero Bar 2012

Nestle Special Edition Kit Kat Bar 2012

Are you ready for Halloween?