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Summerlicious 2010 – Kultura

Address: 169 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1J4

DISCLAIMER: The executive chef of this restaurant is Roger Mooking. I do know Roger personally, but that does not affect my opinions of this restaurant. *EDIT: Roger Mooking is no longer affiliated with Kultura Social Dining (Dec. 10 2010)

Sleek and modern, the decor combines elements of wood, glass, exposed brick and an interesting use of light. The music is front and center here. It’s not the calm ambient music you find at other restaurants, instead the music is loud (not blaring though) and they play popular songs that you could sing along to (I tend to dance in my seat…)

What We Ate: 
(The full menu for Summerlicious at Kultura can be found here)

Mediterranean Chicken Samosas: Asiago Cheese, Sage & Spiced Apple Gari Chutney

– Palak Paneer Naan: Truffle Oil, Jalapeño, Peppered Honey (vegetarian) – (no photo, sorry)
– Complimentary dish: I think they were poppodom chips with a mango chutney… (no photo)

Sushi Pizza: Pickled Daikon Radish, Japanese Pepper, Tuna, Spicy Mayo


Mushroom Orecchiette: Pasta with a Pinot Noir Pear Chutney and Aged Cheddar (vegetarian)

Beef Striploin: with Red Miso, Sunchoke Tater Tots, Tomatillo Salsa, Honey Sriracha
(Photo Credit: Dianne)

European Sea Bass: Shredded Snow Peas, Sansho Pepper, Cassava, Ginger, Sour Dashi


Doughnut Holes: with Chocolate and Caramel Dipping Sauces


Flourless Chocolate Cake: Chocolate Pudding on top, Caramel Parfait, Frozen Lemon Curd on the side

Sorbet Trio: daily assortment, we had Berry, Ginger, Apple (vegan) 

– Breakfast at Tiffany’s Cocktail
– Coke (or Pepsi?)

There were 4 of us at dinner. We all shared, so I was able to taste everything 🙂 

$35 per person, for the 3-course meal. Drinks are extra. (Summerlicious pricing)

My Favourite Item…
I’m torn between two items, so I’m going to pick both: one sweet, one savoury.

Savoury: Mushroom Orecchiette
This dish combines the sweetness of pears, the earthiness of mushrooms, and the richness of cheese to create a creamy, delicious pasta that I absolutely love. The portion size is small, but it’s so rich that you wouldn’t want much more than that.

Sweet:  Flourless Chocolate Cake
This dessert combines my love for lemon with my cravings for chocolate. I took forever to finish eating this, because I was savouring every bite. It’s rich, creamy, tangy, sweet…*sigh*

Other Items…
– The apple sorbet was outstanding. It could have made it to my favourites list too, to be honest. It was tart and refreshing, and I want to eat a bowl of this while sitting outside in the sun…
– The Mediterranean chicken samosas are crispy and have a tasty ground chicken filling inside. Also, my brother would like to have a jar of the spiced apple gari chutney at home, so he can eat it whenever he wants…
– The sushi pizza wasn’t very pizza-like, but it was pretty! Tasted good too 😛
– I’m generally not a fan of store-bought or franchise-coffee-shop doughnut holes…they’re either heavy and cloying, or so tough they could be used as golf balls. The ones at Kultura are light with a crunchy coating of sugar, and I enjoy being able to dip them in one of both of the sauces served with them. Yummy!!
The staff here are friendly and professional. They explain everything they serve to you, and check on your table often enough to be helpful but not so much that they are in your face. 
If you like tapas, sharing plates and the idea of social dining, then you should definitely check our Kultura. It’s not the kind of restaurant where you go to have a big meal. The portion sizes are small and the idea is that you order a bunch of items to create a full meal that your table can share*. It is pretty pricy, so we only go on special occasions or during the Summerlicious (or Winterlicious) events. But when we do go, it’s worth it!
*Note: During Summerlicious, each person just picks 1 item per category as part of their prix fixe meal.  

Interesting Thing: 
There is no sign that says “Kultura” at the entrance of the restaurant. It’s very easy to miss it! Look for glass-front with a red pole in the middle. I wish I had taken a photograph to show you…